GOVO GoSurround 200 Review: Here is what i liked and disliked about this 16W soundbar

I’m back with another fascinating review, this time for the recently launched GOVO GoSurround 200 soundbar. Priced at Rs 1,199 (MRP Rs 3,999) in India, it falls into the budget category. As you might have guessed from the headline, I’ll be providing my honest feedback about this soundbar.


Unfortunately, I received the product in less-than-ideal packaging. The outer packaging was torn, and I was concerned about potential damage to the product. However, this resilient machine arrived fully intact for me to review. Therefore, I can’t fault the company for the packaging; all responsibility lies with the delivery partner. I have attached a few of the picks below just for reference.


Well, coming to its design, it features curved sides and a bold logo on the metal grill at the front. Upon opening the package, you will immediately notice the two speakers with 52mm drivers neatly positioned at the far end of each side on the top. It comes in a black finish and is equipped with four buttons placed in the middle on top of the soundbar: a Play/Pause button, a Multi-Function button, a Volume Down button, and a Volume Up button. The soundbar has dimensions of 375x66x65mm and can be easily accommodated in small spaces. In the back, you will notice the on/off switch, USB Port, Type C port, and Aux cable support. Additionally, you can use your microSD card with this soundbar. There is a small blue light on the top that keeps on flickering if you are not connected to any devices and once it’s connected, the blue light becomes solid and will flicker slowly.

I really liked the build of it, and I tried to damage the top speakers by pressing on them multiple times. They were quite flexible (but I would urge you not to do it :-)).

Features and Functionality

This soundbar comes with a 16W speaker that provides decent sound but don’t expect it to be too loud. Another feature I liked in this soundbar is the lighting on both speakers at the top. You have around six modes that you can switch the lighting between by using the M button. You need to press it gently to change the color format on the top of the speakers. If you press it for a longer time, it will change the source. Another great feature is that if the Bluetooth is not working for some reason, you have an AUX cable that you can use(only if you have an Android phone with a 3.5mm jack), which comes with this soundbar. However, it would be better if it came with a longer AUX cable.

To adjust the volume, you can either use your mobile phone or the + and – buttons on the top of the soundbar. You will need to press and hold the buttons to increase (+) or decrease (-) the volume. You can skip the song by pressing the + button, and if you want to go back, use the – button.

It comes with Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, and the company claims a 10m range, which turned out to be true in my testing. However, one thing that might bother you is that if you have connected this soundbar to multiple devices and you disconnect from one and try to connect to another, it may not connect. In order for it to work again with your Bluetooth device, you will have to remove this soundbar from all the devices and then try again.

I faced this problem and then went straight back to the instruction manual, which kind of resolved the issue. But it would be wise if the company could provide a mobile app that could showcase how many devices it is connected to, or a reset button would have been great. However, considering the competitive pricing by GOVO, I can overlook this one.

You also get a power-saving mode with this soundbar, which will turn off the lighting on the speakers.

You can also answer and reject calls as it functions like a Bluetooth earbud. By pressing the play button on the top, you can easily do this, and you will hear an alert that sounds more like the Microsoft Teams alert to me.


It’s a Bluetooth soundbar and requires charging before you can play any song on it. GOVO has equipped it with a 2,000 mAh battery, making it a compact Bluetooth soundbar. According to the instruction manual, it takes around 3-4 hours to charge completely. One thing I also noticed is that you will see a red light next to the USB Type C area when it is charging. Once it’s fully charged, the small red light next to the USB Type C turns off. After being fully charged, you can get up to around 9-10 hours of playtime.

Sound clarity

Now, the most important part is the sound clarity of this soundbar. I must say, I am quite impressed with the overall sound quality of this soundbar. I tested it with my favorite iPhone and my Samsung 43-inch TV. I played Battlefield V (with my PS5) and hooked up this soundbar to my TV. Even though it is not explicitly endorsed by GOVO as compatible with the gaming experience, the noise was okay. I mean, you can’t compare it to a regular 120W soundbar, but it definitely served its purpose. For testing songs, I played ‘Crash Land – Weapons’ and the sound had more treble with decent bass.

Coming to the call quality, my friend was able to hear my voice quite clearly without any disturbance. However, I did notice some latency since I was in a different room, but it’s not that significant.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the GOVO GoSurround 200 soundbar offers an impressive blend of affordability, design, and functionality. While there are minor drawbacks such as reconnection issues, these are outweighed by its overall performance. With decent sound quality, versatile connectivity options, and a sleek design, this soundbar presents an excellent option for those seeking a budget-friendly audio solution. For users looking to enhance their audio experience without breaking the bank, the GoSurround 200 is a solid choice.


  1. Affordable Pricing: Priced at Rs 1,199 (MRP Rs 3,999), the GOVO GoSurround 200 soundbar offers good value for budget-conscious consumers.
  2. Sleek Design: The soundbar’s curved sides and bold logo on the front metal grill add a touch of sophistication. Its compact dimensions make it suitable for small spaces.
  3. User-Friendly Controls: Equipped with four easily accessible buttons for Play/Pause, Multi-Function, Volume Down, and Volume Up, it provides convenient control options.
  4. Versatile Connectivity: The soundbar supports various connectivity options, including Bluetooth 5.3, USB, Type C port, Aux cable, and microSD card compatibility, enhancing its versatility.
  5. Customizable Lighting: The ability to switch between six lighting modes on the speakers adds a fun and personalized touch to the soundbar.
  6. Decent Sound Quality: The 16W speaker delivers satisfactory sound quality, suitable for everyday use. While not as powerful as higher-wattage soundbars, it performs admirably for its size.
  7. Long Battery Life: With a 2,000 mAh battery, the soundbar offers up to 9-10 hours of playtime on a full charge, providing extended usage without frequent recharging.


  1. Limited Bluetooth Reconnection: Connecting to multiple devices may require removing the soundbar from all devices before reconnection, which may be slightly inconvenient for users.
  2. Latency in Different Rooms: Users may experience a slight latency (If on a call) when the soundbar is placed in a different room, although it is not overly significant.

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